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Message from the Throne

16 Mar 2002, Pr George Porter

(George is Thornleigh's Church Pastor)


THEME:  God is in Control

SCRIPTURE:  The Revelation 


Whenever Parliament re-opens for a new term it commences with a Message from the Queen.  Commonly called "the Message from the Throne."  Usually it outlines the goals and directions of Government for the new term.

Saint John was in prison on the island of Patmos.  No doubt he was confused about God's handling of the affairs of the world he lived in.  Christ had promised success and the Gospel to all the world and then His return.  Where was He now?  Poor John was suffering as the Christian Church was from the persecuting power of the Roman empire.  

The visions and message of Revelation the last book of our Bible was God's answer to John's prayer for explanations.   It was God's last e-mail to this planet.  It is God's message to us who live in 2002.

Revelation is  the speech of Christ from the throne room of the universe. From the seat of Divine authority and control of this planet earth. 

John is taken on location to the Throne room.  He experiences the power and  authority of God, Jesus Christ.  He is assured of Christ's victory on Calvary and His enthronement in heaven.  Christ is King and in control even if events on earth indicate the opposite.

We will now survey the message from the throne given to John and us for our continued assurance of final salvation - soon.   Throne is mentioned about 49 times.  It is central and the focal point.  Christ is there. 


1:4        Throne   The seat of the Spirit of Holiness Grace and Peace.  All from God.  Christ is God of the Godhead.

3:21      Dual Thrones:     The Father and Christ  (plus The Holy Spirit)  have joint authority and power.   They share equal power.  They issue and deliver salation to overcomers.  

4:1-2    Throne   in Heaven   see 3;12   God's throne is in heaven.  It is significant that Throne, Heaven and Temple or Sancturary  are used synonomously in the visions of Revelation.  Heaven is mentioned 53 times.   This is most significant.  Only chapters 1,2,7,17 and 22 do not use the word heaven.  Reason  - we know that is the location.

4:3-6    Throne  is mentioned several times.  Holy beings attend God.  It almost appears as a cabinet meeting.

4:9-11  Throne's Occupant   Eternal God who is due worship adoration glory and honour  He is Worthy.

5:1        Throne   seat of justice and control of the future. Complete control and authorityThis God is Creator and is owner of the Universe.  This God has Divine Right.

5:6,7,9,11,13   Throne   The Lamb shares the throne and power and judgement .  The Lamb was slain and now alive and on the Throne He is Divine and Human and is 777.  Perfect God.  Worthy Redeemer and due Blessing and honour and glory and power.  Co-regent with Father God.  He is Christ the  Sovereign  Saviour and God.   John is given a re-run of the re-enthronement or coronation of Christ when He ascended to the Father after His work on earth.

6:16     Throne    is to be feared and respected as well as worshipped.  It is the source of war, wrath and terror of power to the wicked.

7:10     Throne  Is the source of salvation.  God is salvation.  Salvation is attributable to God and especially the Lamb.  They are equal co-regents and dispensers of salvation.

7:11     Throne  is the centre of universal worship and adoration.

7:15     Throne  Overcomers are employed.  They share the presence and continual rulership of God's 7 day and night service. He is a social resident Sovereign God.

7:17     Throne   provides Sustenance, Salvation, Direction , Joy, Peace and Life.

8:3-4    Throne   It is the mercy seat. It is the focus and destination of all petitions, complaints, requests, joys, sorrows, and thanks. The throne responded to John's prayers.       

11:15,17  Throne  (Reigned)  One reigns on a throne.  It is the place of Christ's coronation.  He is God.  It is the never ending parliament of power and rulership.  It is the source of self-generated Divine power and authority.  God alone is worthy.

12:5      Throne  The Lamb child returned to His throne to protect the rights of those who believe in Him

14:3,5   Throne  is the destination of the righteous overcomers saved by faith in the Lamb Christ.  All will have MHP and MLA after their names.

15:3      Throne   (King)   King of saints has a throne and entertains the coronation choir singing Great, Marvellous, Almighty God - Just and True.

16:17   Throne   Is the War office.  Final battle and victory against the devil  and his followers. Victorious throne and power.  The throne and parliament acts and Plagues and judgements gives final victory over Sin, Sinners and Satan and the forces of evil.

19:1-2  Throne  The Power and Salvation of the throne is vindicated.

19:4-6  Throne The location of victory and worship.

19:16   Throne  (reign)  King of Kings     The location of the marshalling of vicorious arms.

20:4     Thrones Overcomers shared His reign, power and judgement.

20:6     Throne  (reign)  implied throne  Democratic monarchy.  The priestly parliament shares power and thrones.

20:11   THE GREAT WHITE THRONE      The power of Purity Peace and Perfection. Cleans the globe for a New start.  A New Beginning.

21:5     THE CREATORS THRONE   The Godhead is back in the business of Creation. New Heavens and New earth. 

22:1     ETERNAL THRONE   SEE 21:1-8    The relocated throne  Relocated resident God.  With men.   Life issues and proceeds forever from the Sovereign eternal throne.

Accept Jesus Christ as God.  Worship Him on His throne and you are assured eternal life forever.  What a future.  What a loving Saviour.  What a gift.


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