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Successful Genetic Engineering

13 Apr 2002, Pr George Porter

(George is Thornleigh's Church Pastor)

TITLE:  Successful Genetic Engineering

THEME:  God Clones Christians in Christ

SCRIPTURE:  2 Corinthians


We are full swing into the Biological Age.  Genetic engineering, cloning and stem cell science is close to acting  God.  The purpose would seem to be commendable.  To help eradicate disease by creating genes which are disease resistant.  To extend life and finally to attempt to achieve eternal life without death.  There is opposition. Mr George Bush is totally opposed to stem cell research.  The ethics of the situation is much in discussion and debate.    The issue is many say - Should we play God?  God has been into genetic engineering for thousands of years.  God is the Top Genetic Scientist.  He has already produced the God-Man. He has cloned  a unique man in the image of his creator.  Perfect. No defects morally or spiritually or physically.  Jesus Christ the righteous man.

2 Cor 5:17 tells us that ever since Jesus Christ came to earth God has been cloning Chist in men who accept Him.  Christians are new creations.   The process takes a lifetime and the final change takes place at His second appearing.  The eternal life component.


John 14:23            The Father Son and Holy Spirit make their permanent dwelling in us who believe.  The image of man in Him and the image of God in man.

Philippians 2:6     Christ's mind becomes our mind.  His thoughts are our thoughts.  NIV says attitudes should be the same as Jesus Christ.

John 17:23            The same family genes!   Christ the God-Man in us.


John 18:37            A great controversy rages between Christ and Satan. The Devil's agents, Religious Leaders, Annas, Caiaphas, the Sanhedrin and Pilate protested against the cloning of the God-Man.   

John 18:38, 19:4    Inspite of his support with the opposition to Christ  Pilate admitted he could find no fault in Christ - the perfect genetic engineering of God the father.

John 19:24,36       The reason and purpose for God's genetic engineering and cloning of man with Christ, The man called God, has reached it climax.  The sinless man died to save sinners.

John 19:30            The purpose for cloning was achieved. Christ was successful in living the Father's life in the flesh of mankind.


John 20  Luke 22:6   Rev 4-6   His resurrection Sunday morning.  He is re-instated back to His throne as God.

1 Cor 15   The risen Christ appears to men and women He knew on earth.  The cloning success confirmed.   


John 15:15-16   He has promised that we are cloned for friendship with Him . On accepting Him we are cloned for frienship with the Godhead.

John 20:31   We accept Him and His word and we accept Divine GE - we become cloned for everlasting Life and Resurrected life.  That is the Good News Gospel.

Friends choose to be cloned to Christ.  There is nothing to lose and eternity to gain.  The acme of genetic engineering has already been attained 2000 years ago on Calvary.  Be cloned all of you.

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