Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church (Sydney, Australia)

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History of Thornleigh Church

Short History of the Seventh-day Adventist Church at Thornleigh

Seventh-day Adventists first had a presence in this part of Sydney in 1899, when the large property on Fox Valley Road was purchased. What is now named the Sydney Adventist Hospital was built on this property and there was a church established there and one in Hornsby.

In the month of January 1921, eleven members who had previously been members of other Adventist churches in Sydney and elsewhere united to form a congregation at Thornleigh. They met in the School of Arts, on Pennant Hills Road in Thornleigh each week from then until 24 January 1942 when they had their last meeting there.

The First Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist ChurchOn 31 January 1942 they met for the first time in their newly constructed church building on the corner of Pritchard Street and Yarrara Road, just across the railway line from their former location. The formal membership was only 38 adults, though the average attendance was about 50 persons. Thus a small wooden church structure was sufficient for their needs.

By 1953 the membership had increased to 120, and in 1956 a wooden hall was added at the back of the church. This hall was used for some time as a medical treatment centre and clinic, run by the church members.

As the membership continued to grow the church became too small and in 1968 work was commenced on a new church. The new church was built over the old one so that the old church could continue to be used right up to the week before the new church was put into use. During the week ending 29 March 1969, the old church was pulled down and at the end of the week the larger church was in use.

By the end of the 1980s growth again caused space problems. The hall was becoming decrepit and there was lack of space for Bible Study classes, so the decision to expand was again taken. The old hall was removed and a two story brick structure was erected in its place with a hall on the upper level (the same level as the church) and class rooms on the lower level. This facility was opened in February 1993.

At this time with the enlarged facilities it was decided to use the title Thornleigh Adventist Community Centre for the week-day activities. Since then, in various years, these activities have included the following (but not all operating concurrently):

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