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Online Magazine: Edition 18

August/September 2007

Welcome to the Eighteenth Edition of the Online Magazine of the Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church



In This Issue

by Norman Tew

Some interesting articles have been submitted for this issue, and there is a need to comment, so rather than editorialise on a subject this time, we will discuss the other articles.

Sex and the Single Girl by Erica Green (link to article)

This is a rather unusual article for our on-line magazine.  It is also aimed very much at a small audience.  However in view of the importance of the subject, we have decided to use the material, even if the article is designed for a small group of our readers. The author, with her husband, assists in the Bible class for the youth age group at our church.  One week the subject matter for discussion related to marriage issues so she prepared material for the discussion.  Having done some preparation she decided it would be worth developing the material a bit more as an article.  Thus we have the chance of sharing in her insightful and witty comments.

Blessings by Mary Turbet (link to article)

This material was originally prepared as a talk to be given to the adult and youth Bible study hour, before we broke up for our class discussions.  Mary is a deep thinker and this is the second of her talks that we have modified for on-line magazine articles.

Love by Ian Harrison (link to article)

This article follows the one in the previous issue of the on-line magazine.  As stated there Ian is not a member of our congregation, but he offered us this series of articles giving his view of the experience of coming to Jesus.    In the first article he talked of the gifts of the Spirit, which includes the gift of Love.  This time he expands on the Love gift.

A Story of Rebirth by Tim and Wendy Maddocks (link to article)

This article arrived some weeks ago as part of an email.  I sought permission from the writers to use this story here.  Tim and Wendy Maddocks work for SALT Ministries.  Read more about this ministry at

Pastor's Piece

Our Pastor has been on a visit to Papua New Guinea this month as part of a team running training Courses for the local ministers.  In view of this, and a good supply of articles, we have given him a holiday this issue.

As a Bonus

May we recommend an article in the general church paper of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific Region.  It was written by our webmaster, and can be found on page 10 and 11 at  (This PDF file shows the whole magazine for the date of June 23, 2007, and is 1.3 Mbyte in size.  You will need Adobe Reader installed to view).

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 18 - August/September 2007