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Online Magazine: Edition 23

June/July 2008

Welcome to the Twenty-third Edition of the Online Magazine of the Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church



Introductions only

by Norman Tew

A True Story

Annette is a new writer for our magazine, but her story is well worth reading. Racial feelings cause so much trouble in our world today that her story is really relevant.

Little Children

Dr Jean Carter's parents were married in our church, so we consider Jean as one of our children, even though she is now well grown up, and has been principal at several schools, and a trainer of teachers, and educational administrator.  Jean is one of those people who was "born to teach", and in this article she shares some of her experiences.

Pastor's Piece

As usual our Pastor has shared his thoughts with us again.  His theme this time is "God's Special Promise".

The Way

Once again we are presenting a worship talk by Mary Turbet.  However before she started on the subject of The Way she introduced her remarks with a description of a recent experience that is worth sharing also.  She started by saying that she had  asked the musicians to play the last hymn (The Wonder of it All by George Beverly Shea) because it fits in so well with what she wanted to talk about a little later.

Then she told this story; "It was a sunny day and so that I could see the computer screen, I had pulled the blind and drawn the curtains but the computer just would not do what I wanted it to do.  To say I was annoyed would be to put it mildly!   I was furious! 'Stupid idiotic thing, I've a good mind to throw it out the window'.  So I put it to bed telling it exactly what I thought of it."

"I was tired - slowly I got up, pulled up the blind, drew the curtains back and - gasped. There in front of me was the most wonderful display you could imagine. The sky was full of fluffy clouds and all the colours of the rainbow.  Well, not all but a lot of them anyway.  They were all sorts and sizes, the top one snowy white and then came maple yellow, dark blue, grey blue, and then light blue, and some had a touch of dusty pink. All were outlined with a striking white light. Below that the sky was streaked with orange and a very light viridian green until at last it was all a light orange and right on the horizon there was a band of cobalt blue. I could not see enough. I rushed to the next window and stood there until it had faded.  I wondered how many others had witnessed this marvellous display that God had put on for us. Was I the only one to appreciate God's handiwork, or are we so busy that we don't have time to see the beauty of the trees, the flowers, the birds, the animals and the other things He has created for us?  Do we go through our lives with our eyes closed?  I suggest that you don't look down, hoping to find a gold coin. Open your eyes and look for the wonderful things that God has created."

What To Do When You Are Stuck

John Morris is no stranger to our magazine.  Again he tells three illustrated stories that point a lesson.

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