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Online Magazine: Edition 27

February/March 2009

Welcome to the Twenty-seventh Edition of the Online Magazine of the Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church



Introduction to Articles

by Norman Tew

Two months have rolled around so fast, and it is time for a new issue of the online magazine, and again we have a variety of articles.

In The Pastor's Piece, Dr Barry Wright turns our attention to the new year, and makes suggestions about where we should place our thoughts and actions in this coming year.

John Morris has again been travelling around Sydney and has put together some pictures of the things he has seen and related them to a story from the war in the Pacific, and drawn a lesson for us in his tale of three ships.

Mary Turbet has again given us one of her Sabbath morning devotional studies.  This time she is thinking about the various ways our lives can have an influence on others for their good.

Denis Jenkins continues his long History of the Christian Church with the story of William Tyndale who believed that the plough boy in England had the right to read the Bible in his own English.  Even the King James Bible has much of Tyndale's work in its wording.

Being short of a fifth article, I thought of a piece I had set aside for the local church bulletin, so revised it slightly and included it.  It recounts two items that came in by email about two days apart.  Both of them talked of times past and times present.

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 27 - February/March 2009