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Online Magazine: Edition 29

June/July 2009

Welcome to the Twenty-ninth Edition of the Online Magazine of the Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church



Contents of this issue

by Norman Tew

Again the time has rolled round for another issue, and again we have a variety of articles.

The Pastor's Piece in this issue is entitled The Living Word, and is of course of the Bible which is the Word of God.  The Bible may be the best selling book still, but unless it is read it is of no value to us as individuals.

A new author is Jill Wong.  She was one of the mothers who were invited to give a short talk in our Bible Study service on Mother's Day.  She talked about her three children and we asked her to allow us to use it here (slightly edited) - A Mother's View of her Children.

Dr Jean Carter (an individual who has grown up from childhood in our local community) has taken an example from her Bushwalking days to draw a spiritual lesson about Burdens.

Another Bushwalking enthusiast is John Morris who writes again about his experiences and draws a spiritual lesson from his experience with bush fires - On Fire for God.

What started out as a "short" History of the Christian Church is continued in another instalment by Denis Jenkins in this issue.  This time he is looking at the effect of one of the early English translations of the Bible on the culture of England.

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 29 - June/July 2009