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Online Magazine: Edition 40

April/May 2011

Welcome to the Fortieth Edition of the Online Magazine of the Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church.



What's in this issue

by Norman Tew

As usual we have five articles again in this issue, I will discuss them starting with the shortest.

The Pastor's Piece by our Pastor Alex Currie is a piece of practical advice on listening to the voice of God as he speaks to us in various ways.

Dr Jean Carter leads our childrens' Sabbath School group.  Last Christmas this group presented our main worship period and the story of the three trees was the basis for the morning.  Jean also wrote this old legend in a form suitable for here.  When I looked at it my reaction was that it was just as suitable for the Easter story as the Christmas one, so I saved it for this issue which covers Easter time.

Robyn Engelbrecht is one of the leaders of our senior Sabbath School (Bible study hour).  It is the duty of the leader to give a devotional thought before we divide into class discussion on the Bible theme that we have been studying during the week.  Many of these thoughts make good articles for this magazine as regular readers will have noticed in the past.  Robyn has written up one of the good thoughts she presented.

John Morris again has interesting stories of the many interesting places he has visited.  Again he uses these stories to point a spiritual lesson.

Finally we come to an article provided by Denis Jenkins in his series of the History of the Christian Church, though this also gets deeply into divergent theologies.

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 40 - April/May 2011