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Online Magazine: Edition 41

June/July 2011

Welcome to the Forty-first Edition of the Online Magazine of the Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church.



Background to the articles

by Norman Tew

The last full week of May marked the end of an era for Thornleigh church with the death of one of our senior members, Hona Hon.  She was never on the platform addressing the members, but she was very busy behind the scenes working and urging others to work and donating and collecting more funds for her many charities.  Officially she was the Community Services leader of the church, but her influence extended far beyond our local community, though it did include the members of the church community and those in need in the wider community.

At her memorial service (after the family ceremony at the graveside) two of her younger relatives gave interesting memories of her in her younger days.  She was likened to a marshmallow, crusty on the outside but with a soft heart.  A non-relative was also asked to give a commentary.  Annette had only known Hona for a few years, but she had given much assistance to Hona as Hona was becoming less able to care for herself.  Annette entitled her commentary "My Special Friend".  We do not usually include personal memorials in this online magazine but this one is well worth including.

Our Pastor's Piece this month also touches on this event as he talks about Reunions.

John Morris, in his usual style, writes about cemeteries that he has visited and writes about the waste that is represented by cemeteries is so many different ways.  We all look forward to the day when death will be no more and life will be eternal.

With these two longer articles, we felt it would be good to have a short one.  This one is by John McIndoe (Pastor of the Pennant Hills Baptist Church, whose congregation is worshipping in our building while their church is rebuilt).  However though it may be short, it points a good lesson that we so often forget.

In a recent Bible study the Seventh-day Adventist churches around the world looked at the story of Jacob's dysfunctional family, especially that of his second youngest son, Joseph.  As I studied this story I was impressed that though we have the Bible in English, the names are still in their Hebrew form.  The article "Lost in Translation" is only a brief introduction to this theme.  If you wish to dig a little deeper you will be well rewarded; look for example at the names of the sons of the first king of Israel Saul, and compare them with the names of the sons of David, his successor.

Enjoy your reading this month.

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 41 - June/July 2011