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Online Magazine: Edition 57

Spring (Sep-Nov) 2015

Welcome to the Fifty-seventh Edition of the Online Magazine of the Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church.



by John Morris

Life is so short, and gets shorter as age increases. We, generally, find termination of the living process most abhorrent and wish it did not happen. Death is natural, a part of life, and no one can escape. Then there is a major concern over what happens next.

The bible contains positives about death. Firstly it confirms that death cannot be avoided (there are a couple of cases where in special circumstances where other than in the case of Jesus Christ, death has been avoided - Enoch Genesis 5:24, Elijah 2 Kings 2:11). Secondly, there is life after death but not as some floating spirit, nor is life after death limited to playing a harp seated on a cloud. Third death is  like a sleep or unconsciousness until the return of Jesus as King of Kings to finalise the elimination of the sin problem and its instigator when those who have accepted Jesus' salvation offer will  have a body and a life that is real and meaningful.

With the troubles ongoing as a result of weather problems, human selfishness, contempt of God's it is well to review what scripture says about death and reassure ourselves that death does not institute unspeakable horrors for an eternity. Take a few minutes to review the bible study "What the Bible says about death"

W Errol Wright takes us to the Solomon Islands where he came face to face with death at the hands of a wilder sea than had been expected on a service trip to Ulawa Island. You will find it interesting how there were positives gained even though the potential for "Lost at Sea" was immense.

Jenny Steeley also writes of the Solomon Islands where she returned after 35 years to meet ex-students of hers. Death is always around the corner with the island nation torn apart by civil unrest of 2000 - 2003 in addition to what we might call the usual health problems of tropical island living.

God's blessing on your reading.

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 57 - Spring (Sep-Nov) 2015