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Children's Sabbath School

The Children's Sabbath School caters for children aged from 0 to 12 years. This Sabbath school has a family atmosphere where all ages learn to work with each other in a nurturing environment.  The program usually consists of many aspects that could include singing, prayer, Bible reading and memory work, quizzes on bible themes, nature talks, Bible games, Bible Videos, the weekly story, and a craft related to the biblical message of the day.

The children are taught that singing is an integral part of worship, as it is our means of praising God for the gifts that he gives us in terms of salvation, daily care and a personal friend.  Prayer also at this age becomes an important aspect of participation within the peer group.  Personal study of the Bible is encouraged at this age though prepared Sabbath School lesson guides.  This is designed for parents to guide their children day-by-day in a prayerful search of the Bible to seek meaning for life.  Each Sabbath, as a result of study, each child is asked to recall and respond to the topic under study in class discussions or fun quizzes.

A certain amount of spiritually related craft activity is also a part of the program.  The Sabbath School program seeks to make the principles of Bible study relevant to the child's life, and at the same time interesting.

Home > Church Family > Sabbath School > Children's Sabbath School