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Online Magazine: Edition 63

Autumn (Mar-May 2020)

Welcome to the Sixty-third Edition of the Online Magazine of the Thornleigh Seventh-day Adventist Church.



Welcome to our autumn publication.  Summer has been absolutely wild in Australia this year, headlined by drought, bush fires, storms and floods.  We are certainly praying for a more stable autumn.  It is not supposed to be like this.  This planet is labouring under the effects of sin, and we are looking forward to the promise of perfection restored in the new earth.

In this Edition

Pastor's Piece - Let's Ruin This Year - Mark Baines

Welcome to our new Church Pastor, Mark Baines.

In his first pastor's piece, Pr. Mark reminds us of where to go for grounding when life becomes overwhelming.

Jesus, please fill me with your peace! - Jenny Marshall

We welcome Jenny Marshall to our writers.  She writes from a position of vulnerability, about her experience of God on a deeply personal level. Her experience can't help but tug at your heart strings, and encourage you in your relationship with your God. Thanks for your openness Jenny.

Political Instability- Is God to blame? - Kira-leigh Josey

Having completed a teaching degree, Kira-leigh is commencing ministerial qualifications this year.  She is local to our congregation, and it has been a privilege to see her grow into a confident and capable young woman who loves Jesus.  Amongst other things :- She teaches Bible to high school students;  leads Bible studies and preaches sermons at our church; as well as writing for magazines and other online publications.

In this issues she writes about political instability and God's control.

God is always there - Jill Wong

Jill tells a delightful family story that reminds us that God is interested in the little troubles of life, and makes me wonder how often Angels may have been sent to care for me.

Answer to prayer - Norman Tew

In this issue, our regular contributor Norm writes of a family war story, the outcome of which could only be seen as a result of answered prayer.

God's Intervention - Brian Head

Brian is a long standing member of our local church congregation, and is a new writer to our magazine.  He shares with us a personal experience that caused him to seriously consider the concept of divine intervention in his life. 

Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes - Erica Green

Our vegetarian recipe segment takes on a Moroccan theme in this edition, and just in case you cannot buy preserved lemons where you shop, there is an extra recipe on how to prepare them yourself.

Home > Online Magazine > Online Magazine: Edition 63 - Autumn (Mar-May 2020)